“The Day Shall Declare It”

“Yes, I remember you plainly, I met you in the park in back of the public library or was it the men’s room at the Greyhound Depot. I met so many they sometimes get mixed up however you stand out plainly. You asked for the time, or a light, and we got to talking and first thing I knew we was in your apartment, drinking…I seem to have gone through a change which I cannot account for except that I am very disgusted with all of the world. I guess I stopped caring about what happened to me. That is to say, I have lost my self respect. I have had experiences which only meant money to me and a place to shack up for the night and liquor and food. I never thought it could mean very much to them. I have meant something very important to hundreds of people whose faces and names have slipped clean out of my mind. I feel as if I have run up a debt of some kind – not money, but feelings.”

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