Look like I got a few posts to “review;” I’ll pass.

Tumblr inspired me to return to photography after 10 years. The family and friends I found her motivated me, gave me a platform to connect with others, and long before social media became shameless ads and self promotion, Tumblr was the community where you could share the work of those that inspired you, rather than just asking for more attention.

I get nudity is a challenging slippery slope to “porn,” and the App Store doesn’t allow Apps with “porn,” but we need more nuanced solutions in today’s climate.

To call all things that portray female nudity “porn,” is to take a major step back in a platform that was promoting and normalize so much conversation about gender, sexuality, body image, and even art. Sure, there’s porn. But just like life, you chose your adventure on here and every part of the internet; and life.

What becomes dangerous is the removal of non-hateful nude content as negative, when hateful non-nude content can be presented as normal.

I remember thinking years ago that the next generations will grow up with such a healthy sexual world view because of platforms like Tumblr; but it looks like it won’t be Tumblr to hold that torch.

From even a business standpoint this move doesn’t make sense. Tumblr won’t draw away the audience from IG by playing the same game. So, it killing off the audience that comes here and contributes content, in hopes of playing with the same restrictions as IG; it will die.

Twitter has never been a place that I found the community I found here. It’s never felt like a natural home, to myself or my content. But I think that’s going to have to change and it’s really the last platform for nude photography.

I’ve been on Tumblr almost 10 years and it looks like I’ll only be on Tumblr a few more days until my accounts are deleted.

It was a honor and a pleasure to share with you all.

I hope to find you all in other social media platforms; but more importantly I hope that we can all find new ways to support each other.

IG: derektwoods

Twitter: dtwoods