01.01.16 Julie and I. Vancouver.

She Said Yes. Deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with, share all of yourself with, become partners in all things with, know the other half of the sentences they can no longer finish, give the last bite to even when you want it so bad, forgive when they are being an ass, or maybe its you who needs forgiveness, be the good cop when they want to play bad, move their car on street cleaning day because they are too tired, ask to be there for you when you’re really bad at asking for help, be the strength for when it feels impossible, know what they need when they don’t know it, and falling stupidly in love with them is the easy part; making sure your intricate plan to propose after smuggling a secret engagement ring across the Canadian boarder, coordinating with fireworks, and making sure your soon to be finance doesn’t change out of her gown and into sweat pants the whole night is the real challenge.