It’s rare that I feel like ranting about the state of social media, especially Instagram and their insane nazi view towards nudity, but maybe having too much coffee this morning has compelled me. This photo, which had no more nudity in it than any bathing suit, or Miley’s wrecking ball photos, still on her page, was taken down; and for what reason? Who knows cause Instagram won’t say why. Email them you may say? Nope. They have no contact information anymore. THERE IS NO WAY WHAT SO EVER to reach IG. So how does it work? I suspect that if enough children, believing that all social media should fall to the knees of their shallow view of the world, flag a photo it comes down regardless of having actual nudity or not. What this system really promotes is the most shallow and childish view of the human experience; if those that live on the low bar complain IG has empowered them by lowering the bar to their level. As you can see from the tumblr notes 15k people connected with this photo and it’s sentiment of love for life. Now by now you’re thinking “Derek what’s the point here?” And the point is this. Instagram activity of its earliest users is down. Artists engagement on IG is down. What IG is becoming is our grandma’s mobile version of Facebook; no long the interesting venue for creative minds to meet and collaborate. All in all. That’s a god damn shame. Thankfully there are still some social media out there fighting against the backslide in the views of the human body, its just too bad IG decided to cow tail to the views of children, but only appropriately it will die the death of 150million 13 year old selfies. End of rant.

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