there’s been a bit of attention around here over the last few days probably because of this and it’s unexpected and nice and a little scary, like when someone from the daily mail wants to talk to you (nope, never, nope)

I really wasn’t expecting it to go so far, thanks to everyone who has sent…

Its such a bummer to see people display their ignorance and need to put down others hidden safe behind their computers. Ive long hated the world of Facbook that has become a place of to provoke hostile arguments. Social networking, at its best, makes people better by exposing them to new ideas and new world views. We may not always agree on them, but it promotes new experiences and the chance to see a new perspective in a safe and healthy world.

For me Tumblr has been the best at that, even when at times its too sensitive, because its, in my experience, a fundamentally positive and supportive community. 

Somehow, Facebook became the social network where you display, unflinchingly, your desire to remain steadfast in your world view and shame, attack and insult every other view. I couldn’t really say how that happened, or what is unique about Facebook, but it seems to be all it knows and what it knows best. 

In what world do adults comment on an article promoting healthier views of sexuality by calling a female a “whore” and feel good about themselves? Its simple and easy to follow but what about the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” as the general guiding rule for social networking debates? 

It feels insane to me that this would even need to be said to adults, but clearly their parents never taught them not to insult, or be cruel to a person because of their views. 

Those of you that follow me know I don’t really have any interest in getting involved in political debates, I have even less of an interest in replying to antagonistic asks, which is why I never reply to anything negative, but I feel like re-blogging this and commenting on it was something I had to do. At the end of the day we get the communities we create. The thoughts, beliefs and energy we put out into the world comes back to us. Im fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing community on tumblr that surrounds me with people that inspire me and inspire other people. Tumblr and the people I follow inspired me to get back into photography and Ive had the good fortune to inspire others with the world I do. So lets keep doing that for each other. Lets keep doing great work and being nice to each other and fighting against anything that would seek to make us smaller in the best way that we can, by doing more great work and living unflinchingly as we are.

Be supportive, be kind, be passionate and lets show that we, the people of Tumblr, the people of social networking in general, will stand up to promote good hearted conversations, to promote discussion, and acceptance and love for the unique world views of those around us.