“Wrapped in Plastic” ONE of TWO

We decided to create this “Twin Peaks” inspired set “Wrapped in Plastic” because David Lynch has always been a big inspiration of mine. The darkly perverse world of Twin Peaks always conjurers up images in my mind and so we decided to open the flood gates and see what would come out.

I imagine Polaroids were a frequent souvenir for the visitors to One Eye Jack’s and so I thought what better way to capture the woodsy world of Twin Peaks than on a wood framed Polaroid set.

Prints are up for sale in a limited run over at our etsy store derekwoods.etsy.com

Hattie Watson. LA. 2013. Polaroid 1186.

(Styled by: Julie, HMU by: Vera Delgado)

Derek Woods / Website / Instagram / Facebook / Etsy

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