Julie Polaroid “Life is what happens when…” 11" x 14" Printed (Limited Edition)

Scaled Polaroid print on 11" x 14" paper now up on our Etsy store.

Ive always loved the look and feel of a Polaroid photo. The way it feels in your hand, the frame, the whole tactile nature of it. To capture that I decided to start printing 11" x 14" prints with the image of the full Polaroid in the center.

I’m super excited by how it turned out and love the look of a Polaroid mounted on paper.

Limited run of only 25.

Signed and numbered.

This particular image is one of my favorites. Many people have been quoted as saying “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” (yes most notably Lennon) but I think a lot of my favorite photographs follow the same rule. Those moments you capture between the moments you’re planning to capture. The stillness between breaths, the calm face between poses, the soft hand held between fireworks. I love it. I love those moments.

(note: Frame not included, if you’d like to get the print with a frame message me)

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