New Prints and New Society 6 Store! 

Been quiet on posts recently because I’ve been spending time getting a bunch of prints ready. A couple people have said they wished they could get prints but they were expensive. So I decided to open up a Society 6 store where you will also be able get prints for less than on Etsy. However all the Etsy prints are still limited, numbered and signed but with society 6 there are more price options.

All the giant Polaroids you see above are now on both stores; signed and numbered at and in a variety of sizes at I brought back a few old favorites for those that never got them as canvases.

Thank you all for all the love and support with the prints. Thank you to all the people that have prints on their walls it is hugely flattering and means a lot!!

Prints of Hattie Watson, Cam Damage, Julie, Miss Crash, and Verronica Divine

Canvas Prints are back!

We had a lot of people that really liked the canvas prints ask for some more.Unfortunately the company we where getting them from went out of business. It took some time to find a new place to get good canvas prints made, and that don’t cost a TON; but we finally did. They are a bit more expensive but do an amazing job.

Check out this limited run of 10 of this Miss Crash Polaroid print up now on

For Your Eyes Only: Verronica Divine

Im super excited to announce a project that we’ve been working on for a while called For Your Eyes Only and the first issue of the For Your Eyes Only zine. 

For Your Eyes Only is going to be a running series that each shoot we will make zine collecting self portrait Instax photos taken by the model and photos taken by me of the model shooting themselves. Its a collaborative project about the intimacy of naked pictures of yourself and watching someone take naked pictures of themselves. 

Playing with the line between intimate candid nude photography and composed nude photography is something Ive always loved and for me this project is a fun way for us to explore that. 

This first issue of For Your Eyes Only features the amazing Verronica Divine and comes signed and numbers by yours truly. 

$20 and free domestic shipping! 

The zine is 32 pages and the above is just a taste. 

To get yours head over to