There is nothing better in this world then having a lover, a partner, a collaborator to share your life and your passion with. Julie was brave enough become my girlfriend exactly a year ago today. She become part of my life and become my creative partner in all things. As the many “asks” on here can testify, and virtually any girl you ask would verify, it takes a brave, confident and secure lady to be the significant other of a erotic photographer. Not only did Julie  take up those reigns, she had the gusto and talent to push me to be better than I ever was before her. I can say without question I am the man I am today because Julie. Her trust, her strength, her talent, her motivation drives me through every day.

To live with, be in love with, and truly be inspired by such a beautifully talented lady who I have the honor of calling my own makes me the luckiest man alive.

Julie I love you more than anything and I am honored that you share your life with me.


Julie and I. LA. 2012. Eos-3 901.

Julie and I. New York. 2012. Sprocket Rocket 2949.

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