3 Sixty 5 Photography: 001 Los Angeles.

Welcome to 365 Days of Lomography!

Throughout this project I will be shooting with a variety of Lomography cameras to explore how they render the world in their own unique ways, as well as some tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Starting things off we have an old favorite camera of mine the LC-A. Its a small simple camera with fewer options than an In-N-Out menu. You’ve got 4 focus settings, the film speed settings and THATS IT. Despite all that, its a fantastic little camera that takes really amazing images and gets out of the way to let you capture what you’re seeing. Often known as the “shoot form the hip camera” because most people end up setting the focus in their pocket before quickly whipping the camera out to steal a shot and hide it away before you even know what happened. We’ll see what I can steal image wise from the world over the first two month of the project that will all be LC-A.

As with last year, posts will be about 30 days late to allow for processing time.

Welcome to 2015, and welcome to 365 Days of Lomography!

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