You use continuous lighting as opposed to flash. Can you elaborate on that process? What do you use for lighting and how do you set it up? Also, congrats on finishing the year!

Yea totally. Essentially I light a room with normal lighting stuff you would use to decorate your home.

My favorite lighting tool is paper lantern China balls; the circular orbs with a paper covering that you put a light bulb inside. Gives off a super nice soft lighting.

Other than that I usually carry 200 and 300 watt bulbs with me when we shoot and I talk the bulbs out of all the lamps where we are shooting and put my brighter bulbs in. That lets me use the existing lighting elements as well.

All that said, for the 365 I didn’t do any specific lighting other than the occasional flash, or if it’s a shot from a shoot that I lit for.

Oh yeah and a bounce. Shooting in windows is great but you need something the bounce the light onto the models face if they are back lit.

That answer your question?

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