HEY LA!! Im so excited for this rad event that Sierra McKenzie and Mark Velasquezput together to bring a TON of models to LA for Model Con. There so much happening at the event, and you should go check out their page Model Con to get all the details, but they need your help to make sure it happens.

For the photographers and models out there you already know that freelance modeling world is a hustling industry. These amazing artists are hard working ladies that work everyday to push forward their careers and their craft in a industry that has inconsistent notions of payment. The biggest and most amazing goal of Model Con is to breing all these entrapenurial ladies into a single place so that we can all learn from them and they can learn from each other.  

Aspiring models and photographers can attend the event to learn a ton from all these artists at once. As a photographer I can’t even tell you how much I wish this existed when I started shooting. There is so much that I had to learn through trial and error that could be learned in a single sit down at Model Con. Even having worked in the industry for years now I am excited to learn more from each of these amazing talents but, THEY CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! 

So click and donate if you can. Julie and I are super excited to be there to catch up with some amazing models we’ve worked with, and to meet so many new ones. This list of ladies that will be there is insane and currently is as follows:

Cam DamageCarlotta ChampagneSierra McKenzieJacs FishburneFreshie JuiceRivi MadisonBrooke EvaPorcelainSugarJustine MarieMika LovelyFloofieMiss JennetteNOVAKathleen TruffautLola AgnosiaLady SensualityPalesaintJenny BoaJordan BunniieRoarie YumKace FaceL ShimaKrysta KaosBriauna Mariah, and Miss Miranda!

So go donate if you can and then come to Model Con to learn a ton and meet a lot of amazing people.

 Julie and I will be there so come on by and say hello! 

See you all at MODEL CON 2014!! 

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