With the start of the new year I decided to start a new project. 365 Days of Leica


01.01.14 Downtown LA

Many people have been quoted as saying “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” (yes most notably Lennon) but I think a lot of my favorite photographs follow the same rule. Those moments you capture between the moments you’re planning to capture. The stillness between breaths, the calm face between poses, the soft hand held between fireworks. I love it. I love those moments. 

I decided to start 365 Days of Leica to find those moment in my everyday life. To do that I challenge myself to carry my Leica M6 with me everyday and shoot what I see around me to practice finding those moments that just happen to fall into place. Strangers on the street, the way the sun sets on architecture, or simply whatever inspires me day to day. 

This will inevitably include moments from my photoshoots, but will be more about a candid personal look at my life and pushing myself to shoot things I wouldn’t normally shoot. It cir

I am going to be posting one image for 365 days in 2014. Because its all on film the postings will be roughly 30 days late. Its all an experiment, a challenge, a project; come what may I do not know, but here we go with 365 Days of Leica. 

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