Firstly @justinapplegate submitted this amazing photo of his daughter. To use his own words for him this is “a photo that engulfs my inspiration and the one person that inspires me most. My daughter’s love for art and constantly wanting to learn and better her artistic ability and mind is astounding.” For me I love this shot because how the light seems to funnel all the world through her eyes and then out through the darkness of the lens. I didn’t get into art until I was a teen, but I love the idea that Justin can connect with his daughter on a artistic level through photography together. Photography is an amazing art in that way. We’ve met so many amazing people doing photography, and I love that here you can see that in the photo from one side of the lens, and feel it in Justin’s words for the other side. Plus anytime a kid can be holding a Hasselblad she’s pretty rad in my book. @justinapplegate E-mail me your shipping info at

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