Urban shame on you guys for stealing, acknowledging it stolen, and then continuing to sell art from an aspiring artist. Urban, at least likes to imply, that they support emerging artists. Your claim that you’re not responsible because you thought you were purchasing it form an emerging artist, is child like passing of the buck. To support art meant SUPPORTING THE RIGHT ARTIST! You guys purchased stolen art, your a big company and now its time to take responsibility and make it right like adults. I realize that to you this not your problem that its Ashkahn’s problem, and maybe legally its not your problem, but in a day in age where corporations seem to define their rules by what they can get away with, be better than that and seek to make amends to Mallory.



If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this tweet from me: 

The above photo is what I was referencing. A very good friend of mine and independent artist, Mallory, created this work of art and was ripped off completely by this guy, Ashkahn. Ashkahn took Mallory’s design and sold it as his own to Urban Outfitters. This isn’t the first time Ashkahn has done this and he has even offered Mallory proceeds of his sales if she agreed to delete her posts and stop complaining. 

Today Urban Outfitters posted the above photo on Instagram and when Mallory’s followers saw what had been done, they took action commenting on the photo attempting to get Urban’s attention. Tonight, when going back to the photo, Urban had deleted ALL of the comments referring to Mallory’s art. As a consumer, I am outraged and shoked they would do such a thing and assume no one would notice.

This has been done time and time again and nothing will be resolved unless we continue to make noise. Credit where credit is due. 

Send a complaint.

Comment on the photo.

Mallory Rose Art | #MalloryRoseArt


nicole, i can’t thank you enoughl my amazingly talented, beautiful and supportive friend. 

though today has been emotionally heartbreaking and lame, but it has also been quite beautiful and uplifting. STAY LOUD! 

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