We teased you a little bit with the new project that Julie and I have been working on but today we are both super excited to announce two new things that are happening for the first time.

1. We are now going to start doing limited runs of selected prints. All signed by me. It took me a long time to find a printing format that I could really love, but we finally did with printed canvas mounted on a wooden frame. I get asked pretty regularly if I sell prints and I never have before because Its not something I’ve ever had a strong interest in because I could never find a way of printing that I was excited about. After being urged by several of my friends to look into it more Julie and did lots of testing and were finally sold by the amazing work of the guys over at the Canvas Shop LA. We decided to test them with an idea Ive always had, to make massive Polaroids, and boy did they deliver. Im so in love with the work they did it was almost hard to let them go, but that brings me to my second announcement.

2. My work will be showing in a group gallery show at the Parlor Gallery in NJ this Saturday June 8th. The first 4 of these new prints that I am super excited about are going to be shown there featuring images of Miss Kacie Marie, Krysta Kaos, Cam Damage and an unreleased shot of Julie. We shoot a ton of shots together that never get posted, most that never will, some because they are just experiments, some because they are just for us. However when we got invited to show I wanted to add something special so we sent them a previously unreleased image from a darker series Julie and I experimented with but never posted. If you live in NJ please go to the show and send pictures. Unfortunately I can’t make it but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see images from the show.

I will be posting details very soon about the prints and more info about the show as well. Stay tuned!!! Thank you so much to you all for all your support that has made all of this possible.

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