So per the request of the lovely HennyPotter and Abi, Julie and I decided to do a little Naked Reading for Naked Reading day third year running. We did go a bit off book as far as the rules go. We each picked a few books that mean something to us. So here is the brief breakdown of what we picked and why.

“Moby Dick,” if you know me you know I could go on for years about how much I love this book; suffice it to say its my favorite book of ALL TIME. If the have the guts to undertake such a voyage it is well worth the philosophical pay off.

“Lord of the Flies,” I never found my love of reading until high school and it was this book that turned it all around for me.

“The Dark Knight Returns,” almost universally accepted as the best graphic novel of all time it absolutely the best Batman story ever told. Even if you don’t read comics cause you think they are for kids and nerds (you’re wrong) you should read this.

“H.P. Lovecraft,” Julie’s favorite writer of a time. Arguably the originator of all modern horror. “Shadow Over Innsmouth” being her favorite and also the first of his stories that she read.

“Paying For It,” A fantastic little auto biographical account of Chester Brown’s philosophical experiment into abandoning the idea of having a girlfriend and taking up visiting prostitutes instead. Its his true accounts of his time experimenting with this idea in Canada.

“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” Julie came to her love of reading at the ripe old age of about 9. Caught up by the thrill of adventure meets science, meets monsters it was one the many Sci-Fi stories of Jules Verne that made Julie into the gorgious little nerd she is today.

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