So much of the art I make is thanks to the amazing leap of faith these people took to reignite Instant analogue photography. Polaroids holds a special place in the hearts for most photographers, and I venture to say almost all people in general.

Theres much to say about the difference between a iPhone/digital instant shots and the feeling of an instant analogue photo, but at the end of the day it comes down to that feeling of magic. Watching something appear before your eyes unlike you saw it. Its an interpretation of your perspective in a compact little photo in your hand; theres nothing like it. 

Polaroid has been a part of my photography before I even had any interest in photography and as much as I love the many different cameras I work with Polaroid/Impossible Project will always be my favorite and so thank you Impossible Project for saving it for all of us! 

Its a few days late but I think its worth the wait. I, like most people, am fond of the Thanksgiving posts. A moment to reflect back on your year and the moments and people you are thankful for. I got to thinking about 2013, and of course I wanted to write about Julie and the second year of our relationship together. How thankful I am that she is in my life, not only as the love of my life, but as  a collaborative parter in our work together. She literally is the light in my life, illuminating everything. Julie I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!  I wanted to talk about how thankful I am for the many amazing people we got to work with this year. The amazing people that have connected with our work, those that have purchased it, those that have put it up on their galleries. Thank you all! It means the world to me that you connect with the work I make and that you honor us by presenting it to your friends and family. I wanted to talk about all our great friends that have made our year so amazing; both new and old. I started to realize theres no way I could find a picture, make a collage, or do a series of posts that could capture all of that; but a video of all of our photos, or at least the SFW ones, just might do the trick. The year where Julie and I found out exactly how our relationship would shape who we are. The year we learned more about the work we will do together and the path that will take. The year that our friends, as always, made every weekend an adventure. THANK YOU ALL! Looking back through it all I couldn’t be more thankful to all the people that have made our life the life that it is. Happy 2013, and looking forward to more adventures, more work and new art in 2014. @juiceyj ❤