Hipsamtic Perverts Flickr Group

I decided to give a go at starting a Flickr group called Hipstamtic Perverts for all those perverts out there shooting cool stuff with the Hipstamtic. There are obviously Flickr groups for days for iPhone pics and even Hipstamtic pics, but none that are dedicated specifically to the perversions captured with the Hipstamtic.

You will need a Flickr account to view or join because the nude content; Flickr groups that allow nude content cant be public. Sorry.

There are some great tumblrs out there, my favorite being Mr. HipsamaticSex, but I wanted to start the Flickr group so people could talk about whats worked for them and ask questions about the tricky Hipstamtic.

Come join up and be pervy with me.


Going to do bit of an experiment. As some of you know Julie’s booty has been a regular occurrence on my instagram which has resulted in several flaggings. Typically I reserve this tumblr for my finished photography, however, by popular demand I’ll start posting some more “personal” photos as a bit of an experiment. Send me asks and let me know what you think.