The Various Tangled Webs Of The Interwebs.

There are a few other places you can find me and my work, and here they are:

Derek Woods Photography on Facebook – Here I keep things on the safe for work side of things. No full on nudity. However its a great place to message and chat all things photography.

DerekWoods on Instagram – Pretty much the catch all for my visual life. If I took a picture of it, good, bad, dumb, tasty or ugly its there. Censored erotic posts but lots of dog pics.

Other Tumblr – This is my first Tumblr that I reblog from and also post my instagram to on occasion.

Derek Woods on Vimeo – The center for all of my video work. Some crazy videos, some Lego time lapse, and some other music video stuff.

Derek Woods on Zivity – Really just getting started over at Zivity. Testing out how I like it.

Lastly but not least Flickr – you can find all my photography work in one place.