So my 3rd and final camera I’ve been testing is the Leica M6. Those of you that know the glory that it the M6 are laughing right about now at the thought of “testing” one; and now having done so I know the humor in the idea. Needless to say its an amazing camera. It, ebay willing, will be finding its way into my bag soon.

Julie. LA. 2012. Leica M6 002.

(Styled by Julie)

This is the second camera I’ve been testing the Horizon Perfekt. Its a super fun very clean panorama camera but as you can see the minimal focus is pretty far away. Its roughly 12ish feet which is pretty rough to do anything other then a wide portrait shot or landscape shot. I have a project in mind for this guy, but sadly it wont be joining the normal shooting bag.

American Apparel. LA. 2012. Horizon Perfekt 014.