“The Day Shall Declare It” Downtown LA. 2015. Polaroid 2033.

“It’s a process of numbing yourself. In the beginning I found it very exciting. But then in order to continue I had to turn myself off. I had to disassociate who I was from what I was doing. And then after a while I found that I couldn’t turn myself back on.”

“The Day Shall Declare It" Downtown LA. 2015. Polaroid 2031.

“Really makes you wonder, what price do they put on me. The only time you stop is when the line stops. It just goes and goes and goes. I bet there’s men who have died, lived and died and never seen the end of that line. And they never will, because it’s endless. It’s like a serpent; it’s just all body, no tail.”

Annie Saunders /  Chris Polick