Our first ever. I’ve always been interested in the idea of a giveaway once we started making prints; I thought it’d be a fun way to interact with all of YOU! We made this series to look at some of our favorite photos of the year, but now I want to see YOUR PHOTOS. So 1. post your favorite pic of your own work and tell me why it’s your favorite. 2. Tag it #derekwoodsthisismyfav. Then I’ll pick a winner of my favorite photo to win a full set of Black Market Series 1; second favorite will get any individual image of their choosing. I’ll pick a winner Monday morning 10am PST. Tumblr let’s see what you got!! (Ps. As a Safty if you post a photo please drop me and ask letting me know, not required but helps make sure it doesn’t get lost in the tumblr world)

Welp it’s almost over. As 2013 fades away I decided I wanted to do a bit of a look back at some of my images we’ve made and do a limited “Black Market” series of shots turned into black and white Polaroids thanks to print lab. Stay tuned for details on the limited collection and check out soon to get you hands on your own. Images featuring Hattie Watson, Miss Crash, Cam Damage, and Julie.