so do actually do anything other than just showcase your nice expensive lecia toys and the access to models that you have?


Haha. you should probably read more. I’m shooting an entire year with only Lomography cameras, which are all almost entirely plastic, to prove the point that its not a “nice expensive leica toy” that makes the images. Its the photographer.

Also, if you actually looked at my work you’d see that the other half of my work is with a polaroid camera; which we all know are really “expensive.” 

ALSO my Leica M6 with a lens was $1,100; which is probably cheaper than whatever digital camera you have. 

LASTLY that thing your typing on is the internet, that means you have the same access to models I have. Do good work and you’ll attract good models. 

FINALLY spend less time anonymously trying to pick fights with your betters and go work on your craft.  

I know you usually don’t answer this kind of questions, but what would be your no. 1 advice to keep the faith in analog photography? Good job, btw.


Wow. Interesting question. Being that Im sitting her scanning you’ve got my full attention so lets see if I can answer this….

I would say that for me it comes down to the magic of film. Sure I could use a digital camera take a picture, drop it into lightroom and edit it to a perfect curve, then throw on some filters to get a nice grain, throw in some contract and you get a close proximity to a film shoot.

But theres no magic in that for me.

The idea that I can only take a limited amount of shots per roll makes me take a few milliseconds more to compose the shot. It makes every shot I take better and its the magic between the film and light that creates the image. 

The image is captured by a interaction of light and chemistry and I love that. 

Then finally there is nothing better than finally getting images back from the lab. Its 36 frames of Christmas every time I get a roll.

Sure I pay more for film, sure I am limited by it, sure its more work, but all of it is worth it for the magic.  

Digital. And something not toooo expensive. What do you recommend to start off with?

Hmmm, well Id say any of the Canon Powershot G series

G1XG16G15 are all pretty great. You’re looking around $500 ish for those. Thats the down side to digital. Larger up front cost. Anything below those Id stick with iPhone. 

You can get some great cheap film cameras like the LC-A for around $200. Thats one of my favorite cameras. You can see the work I’ve down with it HERE. I haven’t shot it in a while because my Leica really filled that place in my camera set.